About Simon Popley, Director

Simon launched Coaching Leadership in 2015 with a vision to impact how leadership is defined and change the experience of work through curiosity and self-reflection. Turning hero leadership on its head and championing a kinder more adaptive way of leading is a core ethos when moving from me to us.

A twenty year career in senior management and consulting within financial services, Government, healthcare, mining, and occupational rehabilitation sectors is combined with a clinical background in mental health, qualifications in nursing, HR, IR, and coaching psychology. This unique lens enables Simon to support clients with both sensitivity and pragmatism.

Living in Brisbane with his partner, Simon is a gregarious music aficionado, classical pianist, keen explorer, mountain biker, bushwalker, and weightlifter.

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Why Choose Leadership Coaching

Your leadership development is unique, there is no other leader like you. Our coaching programs are uniquely designed for you to suit the changes you need to make. We work with individual leaders and leadership teams. 

We partner with you supporting you every step of the way with sensitivity and pragmatism whilst confronting whatever elephants sit in the room.

To meet your needs, we coach at your premises, at our offices or virtually. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and outline these in our confidentiality agreement. We hold two things paramount your wellbeing and your development as a leader.  


Academic Qualifications

  • Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision
    – Oxford Brookes University – UK
  • Master of Science in Coaching Psychology
    – University of Sydney
  • Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
    – University of Sydney
  • International Performance and Reward – Loyola Business School
    – Chicago, USA
  • Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership
    – Organisational Coaching
  • Bachelor of Nursing
    – University of Sydney

Accreditations in leadership development tools

  • The LMAP 360 Assessment
  • The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360
  • Hogan 360 Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership Culture Survey™
  • The Strengths Profile – Langley Group
  • MTQ48 – Mental Toughness Questionnaire
  • Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)

What is coaching?

A confidential dialogue between a qualified coach and a client where the coach supports the client in becoming more expert in their own life. This outcome is achieved through the skilled use of questioning and specific goal setting, which the client commits too.

The coaching relationship created provides a safe space where the client can use the coach as a sounding board for issues or proposed actions and the coach can challenge and provoke new ways of thinking or being by the client which add value in their professional and private lives.

Our Process



Seeks out feedback to challenge current world view to gain greater insight into self and others


Commits with courage and curiosity in a dialogue to explore self and core assumptions, develops new perspectives, starts to see the ‘system’.


Experiments with new ways of leading and being, notices responses, tailors change to suit the environment.


Identifies and Integrates new ways of leading and being as part of a new self.


Shares learnings and new perspectives to proliferate leadership capability throughout the team and the organisation.

Why Choose Us

One on One, Face to Face Coaching Sessions

We apply the latest evidence-based coaching psychology research

Years of Leadership & Coaching in Senior roles

Experience across multiple industries and sectors

Master of Science in Coaching Psychology

Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Certified Oxford Brookes Coach Supervisor – Oxford Brookes University

Member of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Alumni

Our Clients

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