Career Coaching and Mentoring

As we develop in our careers, there will come a time when we aren’t exactly sure what will or should come next. Assessing the current situation and understanding what the next steps should be, are what our career coaching and mentoring program is all about.

We know each individual is unique, as are their aspirations and skills. It’s why our career coaching and mentoring is focused on empowering individuals to plan and manage their own career path. We make sure you work on building powerful skills to use at all crucial steps in your professional journey.

If the answer to any of the questions below is ‘yes’, it might be time to reflect on your career progression:

Are you at a turning point in your life or career?
Feeling the need for a change or a new direction?
Unsure about where your current role is going?

Are you trying to establish a better work / life balance?
Would you like a better view of yourself, your potential and prospects?

Taking a strengths based approach, we work with you to find out exactly where you want to be and draw a concrete map of how to get you there.

The relationship we establish is the key component of our successful career coaching. You will receive step by step guidance and we will work together towards tailored results based on your career goals, values and motivational drivers.

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Executive Excellence/Executive Role Plan

A specific area the Coaching Leadership team works on is Executive Role prep. Applying for an executive position can be a daunting task and mentoring can be the difference between success and failure. Coaching Leadership devises a comprehensive coaching plan to include all main success drivers. From the language to use based on specific role and industry to body language, correct attire and top performance answers. We are here to help you achieve true success in your career.

Calling for a free assessment with Simon will help us identify the best evidence based practices to get you that executive role you’ve always wanted.


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