Coaching Supervision

Professional coaching supervision provides a safe and confidential space where coaches come to develop their coaching practice further. It ensures that coaching delivered is of a professional and ethical standard and delivers quality outcomes for clients.
Supervision creates a forum for feedback and direction to enable coaches to develop further and excel. Supervision also performs a restorative function, ensuring that coaches wellbeing is optimised, and coach burn out is avoided.

Coaching Supervision – Definition
“Coaching supervision is a formal process of professional support which ensures the continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practice through interactive reflection, interpretive evaluation and sharing of expertise”. (Bachkirova, Stevens and Willis, 2005)

Approach- Coaching Supervision
Simon is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University Coach supervision program. I believe coach supervision is primarily a developmental function for professional coaches who want to continue to excel in coaching practice. I am committed to finding individualised ways to partner with coaches so they can continue to develop and expand their coaching practice. I believe supervision is must for all serious coaches and not just a nice to have. Supervision is where the heavy lifting happens, it’s the place where we learn grow and become better coaches.

Coaching supervision takes place within the confines of a confidential agreement between the coach and the coach supervisor. Supervision creates a safe and confidential space in which to discuss the multitude of systemic factors that can influence performance and outcomes in coaching engagements.

Coaching supervision fulfils three essential functions (Proctor, 1987)

Normative | Formative | Restorative

Normative – It ensures that the coaching delivered is professional and ethical. Supervision provides a confidential space to discuss ethical concerns such as conflicts of interest, or where the coach feels the quality of the coaching is being compromised by power dynamics with the coaching setting. Many of these issues are highly complex and are without a black or white solution.

Formative – Supervision provides a space for feedback and direction to develop coaches further. Coaching cases are reviewed in detail. Supervision assists the coach in becoming more aware of the effects of the self within the coaching relationship and a part of the system that the coach has now become a part of. Supervision creates a space to discuss the coach’s interventions with the client and develops a more systemic view of the coaching engagement to improve coaching outcomes.

Restorative – By listening and supporting coaches to support growth. This is also extremely important as many coaches work with clients who have suffered trauma. Having a safe, confidential space to unpack this is critical in preventing coach burn out. Coaching supervision is also a space to support coaches wellbeing.

Supervision is delivered either one on one or alternatively in small groups of coaches.

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