Do you have a plan for leadership success?

In our fast-paced changing organisations, it doesn’t take long for your skills to fall behind what’s needed to meet the demands of your leadership role. Leadership today means keeping pace with change and disruption on a grand scale.

What are the pressures?

Being in a leadership role with continuous pressure from above and below can often feel like a very lonely place. Many leaders feel like leadership has become much harder, they are right, it has.

Far too many of us don’t plan our careers. Asking where you want to be in five years makes many of us cringe. Perhaps we think it’s too conceited or self-centred to plan like this. Or perhaps we think it’s not actually our choice, we are at the mercy of recruiters and the job market.

Many leaders wait to be recognised for their dedication, thinking if I do my job well someone above will notice my good work and promote me. The old “if they build it, they will come strategy”; we know how this turns out, not so great. Consequently, health and wellbeing often suffer, leaders end up going through the motions, day in and day out. Not the journey you imagined.

What’s in your control?

There is a choice you can decide to make. You can let your leadership career happen ‘to you’ by default, or you can decide to take charge of your leadership career and create it, ‘by design’ on purpose, with purpose.

Of course, it won’t turn out exactly how you pictured it, but surely its better than leaving it to pure luck. You have a decision to make, do you want to be front seat driver of your own car and decide the direction your leader leadership career will go? Or are you content being a bus passenger and being taken wherever it ends up? Who knows where?

What can you do?

A highly effective way to design your successful leadership career is to partner with a professional leadership coach. Your coach will work with you to help plan your leadership success, deliberately and on purpose.

Some of the key areas where coaches help leaders to grow and develop

Building confidence and skill in decision making
Helping you to see the bigger picture
Leading and building high performing your team
Influencing effectively across the organisation
Navigating organisational politics, with skill and insight
Discovering your strengths and learning how to leverage them
Noticing and changing patterns of behaviour that don’t serve your well

How Do I Find a Good Coach?

There are amazing coaches and then some not so great. Coaching is an unregulated industry. What coaches charge is not an indication of how good they are.

Click here to read more about how to successfully find a qualified and experience professional leadership coach.

How to Select an Effective Executive Coach

What to do next.

We provide a free half-hour coaching session to for you to experience coaching firsthand so that you decide if coaching is right for you. Call us today to book.

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