Executive Coaching

We don’t drive cars without mirrors to see where we have been or without headlights to see where we are going. Leading without coaching is like driving with your headlights off on a road you don’t know you are on.

The Executive Coaching plans we run are about bespoke programs and the very latest methodologies designed to power your journey. Identifying leadership strengths and uncovering blind spots are the foundations of our work with senior leaders across Australia and beyond. Leveraging modern psychology frameworks, our coaching will equip you with the right strategies and tangible results for maximum personal and professional effectiveness.

Our coaching modules focus on developing greater awareness of self, personal presence and the ability to effectively influence across complex and ambiguous environments. Defining the kind of leader you want to become, we use everything from our coaching consultations and one to one work to craft a robust plan to help you achieve your executive goals.

Working one-on-one with executives and leaders across Australia and the world, Simon focuses on building strong collegiate and confidential relationships that culminate in success, no matter how many sessions are booked.

Many clients think they can do it all themselves yet sustained and long-lasting change will only happen with dedicated intervention and a creative exchange of ideas. Simon has been working in partnership with individuals, teams and organisations for over 20 years and has an in-depth understanding of leaders and the context they work in.

Using evidence based leadership tools, we are able to generate deeper insights in less time. The coaching process is therefore accelerated and great results are within reach at a much lower cost than standard coaching. We also ensure we are with you every step of the way and Simon works with clients in their choice of venue – home, work etc.

We know talented, high performing executives demand proven, talented executive coaches to advise them and empower them to achieve their goals. That’s why our free admission assessment enables us to collaboratively devise a coaching plan and schedule that’s right for you

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