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We don’t drive cars without mirrors to see where we have been or without headlights to see where we are going. Leading without coaching is like driving with your headlights off on a road you don’t know you are on.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Founder Simon Popley works with you to build a robust, trusting, confidential relationship to move your leadership forward. Simon combines a senior leadership career of over 20 years with a rigorous academic education in evidence based coaching psychology and leadership development. Simon is a masters qualified executive coach and certified coaching supervisor.

Coaching focusses on development, allowing you to build greater capability to navigate complexity. Our coaching methodology creates insight that accelerates development, delivering the results you need.
Throughout the coaching process coaching skills are shared with you, so you too, become a coaching leader. Great leadership is about creating more great leaders. This is our goal

Leadership Development

We partner with our clients to co-create individually designed leadership development solutions that address the heart of the issues your organisation faces.

We do this by undertaking an in-depth discovery of the issues your organisation faces, listening deeply and talking directly with your people, we co-create and design pragmatic solutions that are based on the latest in evidence based coaching psychology research.

We understand that organisations operate with greater levels of increasing complexity, we know you are under pressure to deliver. Therefore, we design solutions based on real work applications, that develop the leadership capability you need to be able to flourish, thrive and grow.

Coaching Supervision

Coaching continues to evolve and adapt at a rapid pace. To keep ahead of these changes and deliver effective and ethical coaching practice coaches must continually develop themselves to deliver great coaching outcomes.

A graduate of the Oxford Brookes University coaching supervision program in the UK, Simon provides professional and confidential coaching supervision to for individual coaches. Supervision is primarily focussd on understanding and developing the self as the instrument of change.

Supervision provides a safe space where coaches can explore their own coaching and develop their own coaching practice to create great coaching outcomes for their clients.

360 Leadership Assessment

360 leadership assessment is a process that allows leaders to receive anonymous feedback from a range of people they work with. The feedback collected is used as part of a coaching engagement with a professionally qualified developmental leadership coach.

The feedback is used as part of a coaching engagement assisting leaders to develop greater awareness of how others experience them. The feedback informs developmental goal setting to build greater leadership capability.

When dressing in the morning, we look in the mirror before leaving for work. Why do we do this? To make sure we look presentable and to make a deliberate impression on the world about who we are and what we value.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is the breath of fresh air needed in a market flooded with training, workshops and management love ins. Team coaching is an evidence-based approach to build internal capability by leveraging the talent within the team creating a culture of performance.

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who already possessed the power to succeed but did not know it. Teams need to learn this for themselves. This is the essence of great team coaching; the answer is on the inside.

Why do we need team coaching? More and more work has increased in complexity, and teams are required to make the outcomes a reality. Teams are now the way we work. Who wants to work in a dysfunctional one?

Our Process



Seeks out feedback to challenge current world view to gain greater insight into self and others


Commits with courage and curiosity in a dialogue to explore self and core assumptions, develops new perspectives, starts to see the ‘system’.


Experiments with new ways of leading and being, notices responses, tailors change to suit the environment.


Identifies and Integrates new ways of leading and being as part of a new self.


Shares learnings and new perspectives to proliferate leadership capability throughout the team and the organisation.

Why Choose Us

One on One, Face to Face Coaching Sessions

We apply the latest evidence-based coaching psychology research

Years of Leadership & Coaching in Senior roles

Experience across multiple industries and sectors

Master of Science in Coaching Psychology

Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Certified Oxford Brookes Coach Supervisor – Oxford Brookes University

Member of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Alumni

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