Tim Ireland

Chief Executive Officer

AbSec engaged Simon based on his experience and qualifications to do some hands on work with our team to support team cohesion, development and shared communication.

In addition to this, we engaged Simon’s executive coaching services to support two of our senior managers with regular coaching in their role. Simon is engaged, got to understand our business and context, and was really able to support development of a higher functioning team by providing sound advice and strategies.

We would recommend Simon for any organisation wishing to invest in their staff development and support their senior managers in times of change and organisational evolution.

Ashley McMillan


I first found Simon online when completing specific research for a work colleague, the criteria was to find a business coach who was a qualified in psychology and had C level industry experience.

After my business partner completed his first cluster of sessions with Simon, the noticeable improvements he made were evident and compelling, so much that I sort counsel from Simon myself.

Simon helped me work through questions I had in several key areas of my personal and business life. From habits, traits I had formed overtime and the impact they played in my personal relationships and being newly appointed to CEO of 40 Forty Foods.

Conscious and subconscious thoughts both good and different were constant and if you keep them internal you can only rely on what you know at the time, having a professional evaluate and assist me process these thoughts became a pillar for my growth over the past two years.

Fast forward to today my personal life continues to flourish, I am better equipped to manage situations including understanding why the brain does what it does when XYZ happens. Add to this the carry over into my business life continues to reap rewards with the most recent being a successful acquisition of our business to ASX listed Keytone Dairy in October 2019.

Ross Jacobs

Chief Information Officer

Simon gave me great support through our coaching sessions. He help me understand the things that were blocking my ability to reach my potential as a leader.

By using both quantitative to and qualitative approaches we worked together to identify opportunities for growth. It was a great experience and an interesting journey

Chris Facer

Head of Customer Success

As a new manager, working with Simon has helped me greatly. The coaching process has helped me to be more aware of my own behaviour as a manager, how it affects my team, and how to take positive steps to become a more effective leader. Simon’s approach is solidly grounded in psychology, which suits my personality and learning style. The coaching has helped me relate better to my team members, to trust them more, and to stretch their capabilities. Simon has helped me to understand the role of physical and mental health in my own performance, and has encouraged better habits all around. If you are looking to improve your leadership then I highly recommend getting in touch with Simon.

Kylie Pisani

Area Manager

I worked with Simon for a 12 month period during our time Simon was professional and engaging.

Simon is highly knowledgeable, He was able to challenge and improve my leadership style and skill set.

I’d highly recommend working with Simon for those who want to be an inspiring leader.

Samuel Miller

Public, Private and Multi-Cloud Data Protection Specialist

I engaged Simon to be my professional coach at a point in my career where I felt I needed to evolve as a professional and a leader. I felt I had reached a plateau in terms of personal and professional development and was unsure how to progress in these areas. I find Simon to have an exceptional ability to ask the right questions to really pin-point any opportunities for development. This coupled with Simon’s pragmatic planning style to address these development opportunities had me leaving our first session with a sense of clarity and feeling confident about the next steps in my development as a professional. Simon has an undeniable passion for coaching and helping people develop professionally and personally. I recommend Simon as a professional coach to any professional looking to take their career to the next level.

Atif Khan

Business Process Management and Business Transformation Consultant

I engaged Simon as a coach to support me in finding a new career direction. Simon suggested that I needed to discover for myself what my real passion and strengths were.  Simon took me through a structured career mapping process to get a clear view of what it was that drove me. I found Simon to be approachable and insightful and easy to work with. We built rapport quickly and found his trusting down to earth approach refreshing and effective. Simon coached and motivated me throughout the coaching assignment.

I was able to secure a role working for the NSW Government as a Finance expert assisting department in their reform journey. The role is more consulting based allowing me to use both my Finance and my people skills.I would highly recommend Simon as a Career Coach. His approach, his ability to empathise, attention to detail and motivation levels are next to none. Even now I reach out to Simon from time to time for advice things and I find him very warm, professional and approachable.

Deirdre Moore

Program Manager

Simon is an excellent Leadership coach. I worked with him for 6 months and benefited hugely from his coaching. Simon has excellent assessment and coaching tools. I like Simon‘s style of building on strengths, challenging and sharing techniques that are easy to apply. Simons coaching sessions empowered me to flourish in my leadership role. Thanks Simon.

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