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What is leadership Development?

For your organisation to achieve its strategic objectives having individual leaders who perform well is not enough. Your leaders must be able to collaborate as a cohesive whole developing and supporting their people and each other to achieve and grow.

Effective leadership development is not teaching people how to fish, its far bigger than that, leadership development is the process of bringing into view the entire river system. So that leaders understand the system they operate in and move away from developing simple solutions to complex issues that merely put out spot fires.

In effect leadership development is focussed on vertical development, helping leaders to understand themselves so they in turn they develop greater perspective taking capacity to help them lead through complexity and change.

Who We Help

We work with organisations who want to build their leadership capacity. The clients that contact us know their leadership teams could be better, they usually don’t understand what the key issues might be or what to do improve their leadership capability. They are however acutely aware that they need and want to develop.

We have helped numerous leadership teams to build their own internal leadership capacity, we partner with leadership teams to make them self-sustaining from a developmental perspective. So that once we have finished working with them, they have the systems and structure in place to continue to develop and grow.

We have worked with leadership teams in universities, public schools, financial services, allied health, child protection and FMCG. We used an evidence based proven methodology to get to the heart of issues helping leadership teams to grow and thrive.

We help develop

  • Individual leaders
  • Leadership teams mid and senior level
  • Executive Leadership teams.

How we can help

Individual Leadership Development

We offer individually designed developmental leadership coaching for individual leaders. This talks the form of one-on-one coaching which we can deliver on site or virtually. Often, we use assessments such as evidence based 360 assessments to provide greater insight and deliver greater impact.
Development is vertical and focused on changing and developing the required leadership behaviours, it’s important to know that we are developing your leaders, not training them. Training is merely supplying more information we are focussed on who leaders are being.

Leadership Team Development

Most often we undertake a diagnostic process to understand the key issues and hold key conversations with team members to understand what team culture they aspire to create. We use combinations of induvial coaching, team coaching and facilitated sessions to create robust action plans to develop entire teams and help them to get where they want to be.

Executive Leadership Team Development

Great leadership begins at the top we partner with executive teams to understand their unique context and development needs. We are experts in leadership assessment and use this to be able to understand where your leaders are from a developmental perspective.

We provide and tailored combination of team and one on one coaching along with facilitated sessions to ensure your executive leadership team can perform at the highest level. We also utilise some of the world’s leading evidence-based assessments such as LMAP the Leadership Multi Rater Assessment of Personality used by Harvard and Yale on their executive MBA programs to provide powerful insights that accelerate executive leadership development.

Our Approach to Leadership Development

Our approach to leadership development comes from an evidence-based practice perspective, with a focus on real work issues.

We apply coaching psychology research in an easy to understand and practical way to help leaders move themselves and their people forward.
We equip the leaders we coach with coaching capability to move them forward and their entire team forward.

We are called Coaching Leadership because our key output is self-aware leaders who can coach and get the most from their people. We do not hand you fish; we don’t give you a fishing rod, we help you to develop internal capability to care for the river, ensuring your organisation develops its own capability to develop a pipeline of high performing leaders.

We help build leadership teams who can leverage the innate potential of their people. Simply put, we are informed and guided by scientific research but apply this in a pragmatic way that’s delivers results you can experience.

What our clients are saying

Gail White

I chose to work with Simon because he was described as a hard taskmaster, something I felt I needed to help address some of the ingrained behaviours I was seeking to change.
I worked with Simon for just over a year, meeting for an hour each month either in person or by Zoom. Simon also coached some members of my leadership team, which helped to confirm shared goals and accountabilities. It also promoted a culture of team collaboration.
Simon could indeed be a hard taskmaster but deceptively so; his practical and thought-provoking advice was wrapped in a package of funny personal stories and genuine interest in both my wellbeing and ambitions.
Extensively trained and highly qualified in his field, Simon has the unique ability to combine the science of his profession with empathy and practicality to provide effective support to address the everyday challenges facing leaders in the workplace. Simon’s coaching has given me confidence in my leadership approach, developed my range of leadership skills, and validated my ability to set goals and achieve results.
The coaching sessions gave me a regular opportunity to vent frustration, test ideas, seek help to resolve issues, address shortcomings in my behaviour, relieve stress, and reset goals.
I have no hesitation in recommending Simon to others. He is a knowledgeable, engaging, and effective coach who supported me to continually refining my focus on the goals I was seeking to achieve.

Answers to Common Questions about leadership Development.

Q. What options are there for leadership development?

Depending on your needs we can offer short one off, one on one or team coaching engagements to help you deal with immediate issues. You may have internal leadership development capacity yourselves and merely require our help around the diagnostic process or a particular aspect of your program.

Otherwise, we can provide a complete seamless leadership development program designed and delivered by us, this is always done in close consultation with you.
We can provide on-site leadership coaching and development programs or where teams may be remote, we offer our programs virtually. We also provide discounted fees to the Not-for-Profit sector and can develop programs to fit your leadership development budget.

Q. How will it help me or my organisation to grow and develop?

Research supports the finding that it is leadership capability is the key determinant of success in today’s organisations. The ability of organisation to attract, retain and develop high performing leadership talent is directly proportional to organisational success.

Our approach to leadership development leverages the latest coaching psychology research to help your leaders develop the complexity of thinking require to succeed in today’s complex organisations.

Q. When should you consider leadership development?

Developing as a leader is a lifelong journey and we would encourage development as an ongoing habit to build outstanding leadership capability. However, organisations often reach our when they notice that the capability of their leaders is insufficient to be able to meet their strategic objectives. The earlier this is done the better it is for the organisation. Investing in developing your leadership capability is a sure way to future proof your organisation.

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