The Seven Golden Rules of 360 Leadership Assessment

This principle that underpins all we do – the success and psychological safety of the leaders we coach is our number one priority. Therefore, we live by these golden rules when coaching with 360 leadership assessments. 1. Voluntary participation– Leaders undergoing the 360 must fully be informed about the process and be a voluntary participant. […]

Ten Commandments Of Coaching

Number One Great coaches understand that confidentiality creates trust, and this trust is the cornerstone of effective coaching. They know to deliver great outcomes, coaching must be founded in evidence-based research. Not pseudoscience, NLP, gut instinct or some ‘special formula’. Great coaches commit to gaining a recognised education. This education has a solid foundation in […]

The Slightly SMART And Not So Dumb Guide To Goal Setting – Part 2

A guide for leaders – Part 2 Types of goals and how they can complement each other Goals do not come in one size or type. To achieve goals, coaches help clients to create what are called goal hierarchies. These hierarchies help us to see what effort is required to achieve the goal. They split […]

The Slightly SMART And Not So Dumb Guide To Goal Setting – Part 1

A guide for leaders – Part 1 Simply put, a goal is the desired state we want to move towards. Essentially coaching is a goal-directed process.  Creating goals that ensure achievement means coaches need to have an in-depth knowledge of coaching psychology research, motivational theory, and goal theory. This understanding allows coaches to help clients […]

Coaching supervsion, the missing link in coaching excellence

For many coaches working in the developmental coaching space, much of the coaching dialogue is aimed at creating breakthrough insights. Coaches work with clients to become aware of limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour. These are patterns of thinking and being that get in the way of who, and where clients want to be. Coaching […]

Do you have a plan for leadership success?

In our fast-paced changing organisations, it doesn’t take long for your skills to fall behind what’s needed to meet the demands of your leadership role. Leadership today means keeping pace with change and disruption on a grand scale. What are the pressures? Being in a leadership role with continuous pressure from above and below can […]

How to Select an Effective Executive Coach

Finding an effective executive coach can be a daunting and confusing task. Coaching is an unregulated industry that has expanded rapidly over the last twenty years. Many people call themselves coaches, but are they trained experienced executive coaches? If you are going to invest your hard-earned time and money you want to get results. How […]

Is Leadership Making You Sick? Are You Tired Of Being A Leader?

The challenge and burden of leadership can be extremely daunting. It can feel like traversing a mountain with little oxygen resulting in critical wellbeing and health issues. Most leaders have worked extremely hard to climb to senior positions within organisations. Years of study, putting in the hard yards and long nights have eventually paid off. […]

Are You A Controlling Leader? Of Course You’re Not?

Some leaders get an awful lot of work done. These leaders are highly competent, have expert knowledge and are known for producing work of a high standard which is undertaken meticulously. They have a reputation for getting results and a track record for getting the job done on time, every time. Sounds good, yes? Perhaps […]