Paul McDermott – Principal Blue Haven Public School

In 2020 I was looking for a leadership coach to work with the Blue Haven Public School leadership team. We have a dynamic and diverse group of leaders that range in experience and personality. After making contact with Simon, I was immediately impressed with the lengths that Simon went to in order to understand our context and tailor a leadership program to the needs of our team.

Simon was incredibly personable and earned the trust of our team immediately. The reflection tools that he used challenged our team to reflect upon their leadership, celebrate strengths, and challenge ourselves to grow in order to improve both individually and collectively.

Simon was able to adapt his coaching relevant to the experience and capabilities of each staff member. All of our leaders reflected that they benefitted greatly from the coaching and expressed a desire to continue working with Simon.

Several other schools have now shown interest in working with Simon as a result of the positive impact that Simon had at Blue Haven.

I would not hesitate to recommend Simon’s coaching to leaders in any field.

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