Atif Khan

I engaged Simon as a coach to support me in finding a new career direction. Simon suggested that I needed to discover for myself what my real passion and strengths were.  Simon took me through a structured career mapping process to get a clear view of what it was that drove me. I found Simon to be approachable and insightful and easy to work with. We built rapport quickly and found his trusting down to earth approach refreshing and effective. Simon coached and motivated me throughout the coaching assignment.

I was able to secure a role working for the NSW Government as a Finance expert assisting department in their reform journey. The role is more consulting based allowing me to use both my Finance and my people skills.I would highly recommend Simon as a Career Coach. His approach, his ability to empathise, attention to detail and motivation levels are next to none. Even now I reach out to Simon from time to time for advice things and I find him very warm, professional and approachable.

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