Gail White – Executive Director, Student Engagement & Registrar.

I chose to work with Simon because he was described as a hard taskmaster, something I felt I needed to help address some of the ingrained behaviours I was seeking to change.

I worked with Simon for just over a year, meeting for an hour each month either in person or by Zoom. Simon also coached some members of my leadership team which helped to confirm shared goals and accountabilities. It also promoted a culture of team collaboration.

Simon could indeed be a hard taskmaster but deceptively so, his practical and thought-provoking advice was wrapped in a package of funny personal stories and genuine interest in both my wellbeing and ambitions.

Extensively trained and highly qualified in his field, Simon has the unique ability to combine the science of his profession with empathy and practicality to provide effective support to address the everyday challenges facing leaders in the workplace. Simon’s coaching has given me confidence in my leadership approach, developed my range of leadership skills, and validated my ability to set goals and achieve results.

The coaching sessions gave me a regular opportunity to vent frustration, test ideas, seek help to resolve issues, address shortcomings in my behaviour, relieve stress, and reset goals.

I have no hesitation in recommending Simon to others. He is a knowledgeable, engaging, and effective coach who supported me to continually refine my focus on the goals I was seeking to achieve.

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