Ross Jacobs CEO – Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Broken Bay

Simon gave me great support through our coaching sessions. He help me understand the things that were blocking my ability to reach my potential as a leader. By using both quantitative to and qualitative approaches we worked together to identify opportunities for growth. It was a great experience and an interesting journey

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As a new manager, working with Simon has helped me greatly. The coaching process has helped me to be more aware of my own behaviour as a manager, how it affects my team, and how to take positive steps to become a more effective leader. Simon’s approach is solidly grounded in psychology, which suits my personality and learning …

Sample Name

I engaged Simon to be my professional coach at a point in my career where I felt I needed to evolve as a professional and a leader. I felt I had reached a plateau in terms of personal and professional development and was unsure how to progress in these areas. I find Simon to have an exceptional ability to …

Atif Khan

I engaged Simon as a coach to support me in finding a new career direction. Simon suggested that I needed to discover for myself what my real passion and strengths were.  Simon took me through a structured career mapping process to get a clear view of what it was that drove me. I found Simon to be approachable and insightful and easy …

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